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Apologies for the delay in updating the website, I am doing my best to get the details of cats requiring homes up to date as soon as possible.



Free cat care talks

Cats Protection offers curriculum-linked workshops to schools and talks to community groups – completely free of charge.

Both adults and children can learn about cat behaviour and responsible pet ownership.

If you and your group would like to hear about the work Cats Protection does, please get in touch with Helen Spicer on 0191 2817511 or at .



Help Roger raise money for Cats Protection

Please can you sponsor Roger who is running the London Marathon this year to help with fundraising for our Branch.

Roger Mosedale from Tynemouth has kindly elected to run on our behalf, and we would like to publicise this to help him raise as much cash as possible. Just click the link to donate via Roger's Just Giving page
Just Giving - Rogers Mosedale's page.


Roger, we are very grateful to you, thank you so much!





North Tyneside Area

For the last 21 years Cats Protection Newcastle Branch has served the vast area that is Newcastle upon Tyne and North Tyneside.

However, I'm sorry to have to tell you, we can no longer do that.

We now have so few volunteers, we simply cannot spread ourselves over the entire area, so with deep regret we have to inform you that we can no longer send volunteers out to the Newcastle City and West areas, to assess situations.

We will still help you to finance the neutering of your cat via our Headquarters, and indeed will lend you traps etc., however, you will need to collect equipment from a volunteer in North Tyneside.

Our Headquarters is now trying to establish a Branch for Newcastle West, so if you are interested in working to set up a new branch please contact HQ by ringing 03000 12 12 12 or by visiting their website Cats Protection.

We do apologise for this, but we are left with no choice as the few of us there are, are all located in North Tyneside, and as we are all over retirement age, we simply cannot cope with the huge volume of calls for assistance we are currently receiving.



Because we are unable to cope with the vast amount of requests we are receiving daily for cats to come into care, we are having to suspend our waiting list.

In order to try and assist those desperate to rehome a cat or a suitable stray, and I say suitable as many outdoor cats prefer that lifestyle and wont adapt to a home.

We are going to add a listing to the site where you can add details of the cat you wish to rehome, including a photograph, which you must first save to a site such as Photobucket.

Then if someone is interested in your cat, they too can post, so a possible new home can be found.

Cats advertised this way MUST BE NEUTERED if they are less than neutering age, (under 5 months of age) contact us direct via the contact page.

Remember if you cannot afford to neuter, there is a £10 neutering scheme still in operation in the North Tyneside area, and a partial cost scheme, details of which can be obtianed via our Headquarters 0300 12 12 12 if you live in central Newcastle/ Gosforth/ Kenton/ Newcastle West areas.

Strays must be stated as being strays and advertised locally for 14 days, and on the lost and found page of the site before any rehoming can take place. If you suspect the stray to be un-neutered, you must again, contact us before placing the cat up for rehoming, or state very clearly for OUR benefit, that the neutering status is unknown.

We ourselves will in turn take note of the cats advertised and take those we an into our care should a place become available.


YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE SITE TO PARTICIPATE - Simply register via the link on the left hand side bar.

You can link to this page by clicking the link HERE.

FORUMS including Lost & Founds

We have now added various other boards for discussion on the site.
Along with the lost and found section, you will find various other boards to help you and your cat.  General Cat Chat is welcomed, so if you just want to share a story about your cat, you are very welcome to do so.
We want you as visitors to get to know us, and for us to get to know you, and help if and when we can.
So dont be afraid, join in today...



Cats Coming Into Care

We are very sorry, but currently we are unable to bring any cats, including strays, into care. This is because we do not have a Shelter, but rely on one volunteer, with 8 outdoor pens to take adult cats, and the situation of abandoned cats has now reached chronic levels..

If your female cat has got out while in season, there is no need to cancel having her neutered. Please tell your Vet you suspect she may be pregnant, and allow him/her to make the decision.

I hear this story many times a day, hence I have brought it up here. People often mistakenly think that a cat, once caught by a Tom, cannot be neutered, this is not true.

With so many kittens, aged around 4 to 6 months on the streets, the question has to be raised, was it really necessary? too many people allow their cats to breed, maybe out of belief that its wrong to neuter a cat already pregnant, or even worse, that a cat should be allowed to have a litter before being neutered, which again, raises the question, why??

 So please if you are thinking of allowing your cat to have a litter, please reconsider, as there just are not enough homes for all the kittens born every year, and many purchased or adopted by people who decide to take a kitten home without any real thought of the nature of a kitten, or the cost of keeping a cat, have found out. Many of these people then allow the kitten outdoors, it then gets lost, killed or becomes feral, breeding once again, as early as 4 months of age.

If you are desperate to re-home your cat, all we can advise is that you visit or take advantage of the offer of adding the details to our site.

Searching on that site, will bring up local rescues who may be able to assist faster than we can.

Lost Your Cat?

I get many emails and contact forms daily asking me if we have taken in a cat that has been lost.  So it appears many people do not understand that we do not have a Shelter, and rarely have space to take a cat in on request.  When a cat is reported found to us, we ask how long its been around, and whether the finder has advertised finding the cat. If not we ask them to do so. We also try and determine if the cat is there all the time, if not, its rarely a lost cat, but an opportunist who knows it could get some extra food, and rarely will a cat turn that opportunity down. One the cat has been advertised for 14 days we can then add it to our list to come into care.

Meantime, we ask the finder if they can possibly get the cat to a local vet to have scanned for a micro-chip, in order to re-unite cat and owner as quickly as possible.

Keeping that in mind, our advice to anyone losing a cat, start by putting notes through neighbours doors, asking them to check outbuildings etc., in case the cat has got locked in somewhere. Then call the Veterinary Surgeries close by to give them a description of the cat in case someone rings them saying they have found it. 

The next step is to contact the Dog & Cat Shelter at Benton Farm on 0191 2150435, in case its been reported to them.

Visit our website, join as a member, and add the details of your missing cat to our Lost and Found section, you will see the link on the top menu.

If the cat has not returned within an acceptable time for the cat, contact your local authority cleansing dept, they should have records of any cat that may have been killed on the roads.

Remember, un-neutered cats should not be allowed outside, as they can wander up to 16sq miles. Also its unlikely that anyone would try and find the owner of an un-neutered cat as the owner has not shown responsibility by having it neutered.

Have your cat chipped.  A micro-chipped cat is more likely to be returned to the owner, or the owner informed of its death should the worst have happened.

Your Help Needed To Fund The Work We Do.

Our Shop in Wallsend is desperate for donations of Clothes.
If you have any, could you either drop them off
at 164 - 166 High Street East,
or phone them on 0191 2627377
and they will arrange to collect

Finding A Home For An Older Cat

Many requests are for cats 10 years of age or older.  We have found that older cats that have been used to a home environment, do not do well in outdoor pens, which is all we at CP North Tyneside have for adult cats.  They get stressed being confined, and surrounded by strange cats, and add that to fretting for their owners and familiar surroundings, the cat can get ill. Our advice is therefor to try family members, friends or private advertising before putting an older cat into a welfare organisation.

The Aims Of Cats Protection

We are often asked what Cats Protection do. Some people think we are simply here to provide neutering vouchers, but, in truth, CP do a lot to assist the welfare of Cats.

Our Aims are as follows:-

  1. To Rescue Stray and unwanted Cats and Kittens, rehabiltate and re-home them where possible.
  2. To encourage the neutering of all Cats and Kittens not required for Breeding.
  3. To inform the public on the care and welfare of Cats and Kittens

You can now send donations direct to us.

Cheques and Postal Orders need to be made out to:-

Cats Protection Newcastle

and sent to our Shop Address

Cats Protection Newcastle Branch

164-166 High Street East


NE28 7RP


Please note, we only operate within the North Tyneside area.


We always have adult cats seeking new homes, our Cats are fully vaccinated, chipped and neutered, and come with 4 weeks free Insurance from PetPlan.

There is an Adoption Fee of £50 required, and of course if you wish to add a donation on top of that, we would be very grateful indeed. As you can imagine, neutering costs alone are eaten up by the adoption fee.

Visit the page to see the cats available by clicking this LINK or selecting the page in the top menu bar.

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